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Instructions for coming to clinic

Welcome to eSmile when you are healthy. We at eSmile actively monitor the coronavirus situation and adhere to the valid authority instructions in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff.

Please postpone your appointment if:

  • If you have any kind of respiratory symptoms (a cold, cough, sore throat, fever, etc.) or other transmissible diseases.

We ask you join us in ensuring a safe visit to our clinic by adhering to the following instructions:

  • Only arrive to our practice if feeling well.
  • Arrive to our practice as close to your scheduled appointment as possible.
  • Avoid any unnecessary waiting time and keep the safety distance.
  • Avoiding shaking hands.
  • We have further intensified the cleaning of our units and removed all unnecessary items from the waiting areas.
  • Brush your teeth already at home.

You can easily check the up-to-date instructions on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. THL