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Price list

Price list

Dental procedures are always highly individual, and the prices for treatments such as orthodontics or dental veneers depend on each customer’s specific situation and treatment needs. A personalized treatment plan is created for each customer individually. You will receive a personal cost estimate during your first visit.

Aesthetic consultation*0€
Invisalign consultation*0€
Veneers consultation*0€
Composite consultation*0€
Whitening consultation*0€
Orthodontic treatments
Invisalign orthodontic treatment3950–7500€
Ceramic fillings
Veneersstarting from 1050€/tooth
Porcelain filling on molarsstarting from 650€
Aesthetic composite fillings200–450€/tooth
Composite Veneersstarting from 500€/tooth
White spot treatment (ICON)400–600€
Basic dental care
Yearly check-up75,50–85,50 (45,50–55,50)€
Filling/chipped tooth restorationstarting from 92,00 (81,50)€
Dental cleaning/scaling, 30 min104–108 (96–100)€
Dental cleaning/scaling, 45 min148–157 (136–145)€
Dental cleaning/scaling, 60 min165–209 (147–191)€
Soda cleaning, during the same appointment with dental cleaning39€
Soda cleaning, separate appointment89€
Bite-wing x-rays43,30–53,50 (37,30–50,50)€
Full mouth x-ray OPTG101,00 (92,00) / 98,50 (89,50)€
Dental whitenings
eSmile combination whitening600€
In-office whitening500€
Light whitening299€
At home whitening (custom molds and gels)270€
At home whitening gel (if you already have molds)29,90€
Injectable treatments
Botuliinistarting from 339€/ampoule
Implantation molar starting from 2600€
Implantation incisorstarting from 2900€
Booked call time to personnel23,00€
Service fee19,90€

“The price for the first consultation is 0€. If you have multiple consultations for the same reason, the price for subsequent consultations is 110€ each.

Breakdown and Distribution of Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Costs

The cost of Invisalign orthodontic treatment depends on your individual dental needs. The total expenses typically fall within the range of approximately 4690 to 7350 euros. We have streamlined Invisalign billing into simple package pricing, where you can choose the most suitable way to divide the treatment costs.

The orthodontic cost estimate provided during the consultation visit includes everything: treatment planning, aligners, in-office treatment visits, possible refinement aligners, Vivera night retainers (excluding i7-treatment). The total cost of the treatment is divided into the method you choose – financing, a one-time payment, or alternatively, 6-month or 12-month installments depending on the extent of the treatment. There are no additional payment method fees or service charges for Invisalign orthodontic treatments with our package pricing. Easy and straightforward!

Breakdown and Distribution of Porcelain Veneer Costs

The total cost of porcelain veneers, also known as dental laminates, typically amounts to approximately 1,100 to 1,300 euros per tooth. The costs are divided into two parts. The first installment is paid during the initial treatment visit when the teeth are prepared for the future porcelain veneers. The second installment is paid on the following visit when the finished porcelain veneers are attached.

Payment Methods 

At our clinic, we accept common debit bank cards and credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and Visa Electron, as payment methods. The incurred costs for the treatments will be invoiced during the office visit. Dental treatments can also be financed through ResursBank.

Appointment Cancellation 

Appointments must be canceled at least one day before the scheduled time, with the exception of oral and maxillofacial surgeon appointments, which must be canceled at least two days in advance. Appointments made through online booking should also be canceled by calling or sending an email to the clinic. For late cancellations or no-shows, we will send an invoice of 92.50 euros. Please note that if you fail to cancel a free consultation appointment, a fee of 92.50 euros will be charged for the missed appointment.