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Oma eSmile

Application for eSmile customers

Oma eSmile is an application for eSmile customers, which gathers the most common treatment information. With the application, you can, among other things, book an appointment at the clinic, view upcoming appointments, track billing, and see completed procedures. For Invisalign orthodontic treatments, you will receive a preliminary treatment plan and cost estimate in the application for approval before starting the treatment, along with all necessary treatment instructions.

Through Oma eSmile, you can also fill out a medical history questionnaire, which is required before starting any treatment.

We are continuously working on the application and welcome feedback. You can provide feedback to our staff or send it to

You can register as a user in the application even before your consultation visit. By downloading the application, you can expedite the start of your treatment, for example, for orthodontics, as you will receive all the necessary information directly in the application for approval.

You can register/login to the program using the button below.

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