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Injection and filler treatments

Injection and filler treatments
at the eSmile Clinic

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Treating wrinkles and fine lines is part of the beauty of your mouth and face

For most of us, our appearances and the first impression we give are extremely important. The image we see in the mirror every day affects our well-being and how we interact with other people. If we feel that we look good, we will also feel good.

Botulinum toxin treatments

Botulinum has been used in health and beauty care for over 20 years. Is a safe and effective protein used to relax the chosen muscle and smooth away facial lines when injected into the muscles of facial expression. Smoothing of wrinkles is usually visible 1-2 weeks after the injection. The result will last for 3-6 months. The muscles will fully regain their function after the treatment has worn off.

The Botox treatment can be safely repeated after the substance has left the body. Unlike what you might have heard, Botox causes no feeling of numbness or rigidity on the face. There might be slight redness or swelling around the injection area. You can wear make up immediately after the treatment.

The most commonly treated areas include the frown lines between the eyes, horizontal lines on the forehead and smile lines around the eyes. Botulinum is also successfully used to treat the strong jaw muscles of people with excessive teeth grinding. This allows reducing the muscle activity in the area, often getting rid of pain completely.

Other therapeutic indications of Botox treatment on the face include chronic migraines, excessive sweating of the forehead, headaches caused by muscle strain, the muscles around the mouth area and pain in neck muscles.

There has been a clear increase for using botulinum toxin to treat different medical conditions. According to estimates, 12-15 million Botox treatments are annually given around the world. Despite the large number, there have been few side effects, and botulinum toxin is therefore considered a highly safe medicinal product.