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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at the
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Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most common aesthetic dental care services. Most of the customers looking to improve the aesthetics of the front of their mouth with porcelain veneers or fillings wish to whiten their teeth before any other treatment. In these cases, the teeth are whitened first and the porcelain veneers and fillings are then placed on the whitened teeth.

Checking the health of the teeth is recommended before dental whitening. To ensure the safety of the procedure, a dentist ensures that your mouth is in good condition and there are no dental cavities or calculus buildup. If over a year has passed since your last check-up, it is recommended that you have a check-up for the whitening at the same time as you are having an oral health examination. The dental appointment by a dentist will be subject to a normal examination fee, but the check-up for teeth whitening performed by an oral hygienist is included in the price of the teeth whitening service. The whitening is always carried out by an oral hygienist.

The best method for the customer will be determined during the check-up. The check-up also includes measuring the colour of the customer’s teeth and providing the customer with information about the selected whitening method as well as a cost estimate.

Alternatives include teeth whitening at home or at the practice and light and combination whitening. Combination teeth whitening is the best solution when the customer would like the finished result to be as light as possible. Combination teeth whitening is the best alternative especially in cases where the canine teeth have a distinctly yellow hue or the starting colour is darker. In combination teeth whitening, the customer will be provided with personal moulds for later maintenance care, which makes maintaining the results easy and affordable.

Teeth whitening prices:

At-home teeth whitening 270 euros

Teeth whitening at the practice 500 euros

Light teeth whitening 299 euros

Combination teeth whitening 600 euros

Book an appointment for a teeth whitening consultation free of charge so we can determine which method is the best for you!