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Book your time

Booking online

You can book a dental appointment online at any hour of the day, whenever most convenient for you. You need a personal ID for identification.

All our professionals communicate fluently in Finnish and English. Dentist Mikko Gustafsson also speaks Russian.

Booking by telephone

You will get personal service and advice by contacting us by telephone. You can reach us on weekdays beginning at 8 AM by calling us at +358 10 219 8700.

Instructions on booking an appointment

The online booking option can only be used for certain kinds of appointments. At the moment, you can use the option to book an appointment with a dentist for consultation or with an oral hygienist for a teeth whitening consultation.

Cancelling an appointment

You must cancel your appointment at the latest one day before the scheduled appointment. You may not use the online booking option to cancel an appointment; instead, you must inform us about the cancellation by contacting our practice by telephone or e-mail. We will charge 92,50 euros for late cancellations or unused appointments.

Instructions on coming to an appointment

Please make sure that you arrive at our practice well before your appointment. This will allow you to prepare and fill in our background information form before the beginning of your appointment. This also helps us ensure that every customer gets treated according to the schedule.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the opportunity to continue orthodontic treatments previously started elsewhere.